It’s all Relative

The CrossFit Open – 21.1 also works quite well as a Benny Hill sketch. See below.

Whether you’ve got your first “wall walk” (It definitely needs another name because it’s not a wall walk as I know it!!) or Double Under, or you’ve actually finished it…as long as you know you’ve given the workout everything, you’ve got to be super proud.

All workouts are so personal to the individual doing them. It’s easy to compare yourself to others, especially in things like the CrossFit Open where you are comparing yourself to other people in your gym/ Europe/the world. But getting your first double under in a workout could give you the same amount of pride as the person who comes 1st on the leaderboard. You’re just at different stages of your journey.

I never thought I’d enter the Open at RX so every single rep to me is a massive achievement for me. ❤

Dont compare your successes to others, they arent you and it will only take away your awesomeness.

CrossFit Open 21.2

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