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What is Your Why

What is your WHY? We all have goals whether thats to lose a stone, bulk, get stronger, get a 6 pack, increase 1rm deadlift, learn to do a pull up, run a marathon. Setting a goal is the easy bit. You’ve just got to think about what it is that you want to achieve and…

Dirty Thirties – It’s a Myth

Single ⬜Taken ⬜Totally unavailable and never been happier ✅  In a world where we can be genderless, it is totally incomprehensible that someone can be choosing to live life by themselves right now. Why?  I know it’s a weird concept. My nan certainly doesnt agree. And thank God my brother has 2 beautiful children otherwise I think my…

The Basics to Nutrition 2

MACROS Going back to Part 1 of this blog, I introduced you to the nutritional hierarchy which illustrates the importance of making sure you are getting the basics right before adding more detail into your diet. This keeps it simple and allows you to understand exactly what you are doing and why you are doing…

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