Self Care Sundays

Those conversations that will stay with you forever. ❤

I had a very honest conversation with a friend at the beginning of lockdown 3 and I said I didnt feel like I was coping. I wasn’t at all. Looking back this was a process that I needed to go through but at the time it was tough. As many people had experienced during this pandemic.

Theres 3 things that she said to me:

1. Schedule self care time. She is a single mum but she still makes sure that she gets Self Care time one evening a week. I’d never prioritise that in my week, I’d always be too busy or I wouldnt recognise it as a priority so I dont bother. Since I’ve been doing it, the difference in how I feel has been amazing. Just taking time to have a bath, do my nails, look after my feet…whatever it is. I also take time to just dance. I turn the music loud and I just dance. And it enables you to let go so much, smile and laugh. Try it.

2. Cry. “The weakest thing a human can do is try to be strong and not cry” It’s almost like we are invalidating our own feelings by not allowing ourselves to express them. This was always me. I’ve always wanted to be strong and not cry.

I never want anyone to worry about me. But actually the only person that suffers from that is you – holding all those emotions in isnt healthy.
So let it out. If you feel sad – cry, let it out. Get in a room by yourself and Ugly Cry the shit out of an hour of your life and itll make you feel so much better afterwards. ❤

Crying is a form of self care that shouldn’t be underestimated.

3. The importance of cuddles and human touch. I’d never thought of it at that point but all the single pringles out there have missed out on this even more!
Human touch is important for physical and mental wellbeing and without a partner at home to share that with throughout lockdown – it might take its toll. Never underestimate the power of human touch. It releases chemicals in our body which makes us feel good, relieves stress and anxiety and makes us feel loved and cared for. So those confusing feelings of loneliness that I’ve definitely felt throughout the last year are totally valid. I am literally spending the Summer cuddling everybody I see!!!

You never know the real impact a conversation can have on someone. I will always be forever grateful for this one.

❤ Thank you ❤


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