What is Your Why

What is your WHY?

We all have goals whether thats to lose a stone, bulk, get stronger, get a 6 pack, increase 1rm deadlift, learn to do a pull up, run a marathon. Setting a goal is the easy bit. You’ve just got to think about what it is that you want to achieve and make an initial plan.

But what happens when things start to get tough? When you dont fancy the healthy meal you had planned. Or its raining and you dont want to go for the long run. Or you just cant be bothered to go to the gym after that long day at work.

This is where you need your Magic Why. A pre thought out reason that you can dig out when you need it to remind yourself what it really means to you and why you are doing it.

I’ll use a couple of my goals past and present to give an example.

Goal: I want to be able to do a muscle up.
Why: Because I cant do them and it’s a natural progression in CrossFit to be able to do it.
But WHY: Because I never in a million years thought I would be able to do one when I started CrossFit and when I do get it, the feeling will be pretty cool.

Goal: I want to look lean all the time
Why: Because I like looking lean
But WHY: Because when I look lean, I feel confident and sexy and powerful and I dont want that to stop.

Goal: I want to be able to 100 down ups in 4 mins
Why: Because I want to see if I can do it.
But WHY: Because not many people would be able to achieve that and I want to be able to push my body that far.

Goal: To be a successful business owner
Why: Because I want ownership over something ive built
But WHY: Because I want to prove that I can build something from nothing. And I really want to retire at 55. 浪

So your initial response to a goal is always very casual. This is a conversation I have on a regular basis with women:
Why do you want to lose a stone?
Because I’ll feel better and healthier and I’ll be happier with how I look.
But WHY – Because I know I’m more confident when I’m that weight, I’ll feel sexier, itll improve my intimacy with my husband and I’ll be more productive.
Another one:
Why do you want to focus on your squat 1rm?
Because itll be good to feel strong and be able to squat that
But WHY – Because I’ll feel empowered and

But the “But WHY” gives you that extra layer to the reason. It usually gives you the more personal reasons, the ones that actually mean more to you and will be the hook to make you keep going. These are the reasons that you need to focus on – how is that goal going to make you feel emotionally, what impact will it have on your life, your relationships, your sense of purpose, sense of pride and your overall motivation, quality of life and everything else.

The Magic Why is where the beauty

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